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My Craftsmanship

Navaratnams, the Gem of Nine kinds
The precious Stones for Decorative Ornaments

Here below are the proof of my workmanship. The listed Ornamental jewellery work was carried out by me single handedly for Sri Sri U.Ve. SAR Prasanna Venkatachariar Swamigal of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust for His birthday celebrations. These pictures speaks volumes rather than my explaining. The entire jewellery worn by Sri Swamiji was made by me; also the second picture shows the seating Simhasanam, which too was made to order.

Sri Chathurvethi Swamigal in His Birthday Pose
wearing the entire jewels made for the occassion.


I shall display the other works made/made to order and of my own designer items with proof of clients certifications.

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