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Welcome to the Indian Arts & Crafts of Jewellery & Ornamental novelties.
From Time immemoriable, the ancient Indians used the minerals, Gold & Silver to benefit to their own advantage. They knew very pricisely, the exact body part and its link to the star/mineral and its relativeness to the a particular Gem stone.
Exactly, the used the precious stones to get rid of any ill effects that might have caused some problem and trouble, they used to wear the precious stone as per the specifications, according to that suits to one's own horoscope. It is nothing but simply offsetting the ill effects of any planetary alignments that might have caused disturbances in one's life.
For instant, if person is often suffering from cold and cough, the the remedial solution given is to wear a Coral Pendant in the neck. From the day one start to wear this, it might take anywhere from a week to 45 days to get the full benefit of such stone.
Practically, no stone brings any luck to a person; but the mineral value and the costmic radiation combined together makes one feel better and improves the blood circulation level to the desired limits.
For all sorts of decorative and attractive Indian Style & design of Gold, Silver and other mix metal handiworks.... Zenith Jewel Crafts is the Home!

Coral Pendant
Identified with Planet Mars

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